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  • Published : April 1, 2011
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My name is Mohammed Ali. I was born in 1988 in Saudi Arabia. I am single and I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I graduated from the secondary school in 2005. My English language proficiency now is not up to the preferred standard. For that, I got some help to write up this statement of purpose. However, my scholarship includes coverage for ESL study, which, I am confident, will be a great chance for me to improve my ESL proficiency. I request to be admitted provisionally so that I can improve my ESL proficiency while I wait for my application to be considered and reviewed to pursue my B.Sc. studies in medicine at your university. I have not taken the TOEFL test until now, but I plan to take the proficiency tests offered at your ESL institute as well as the TOEFL test. I would like to obtain an admission to the ESL program for Spring 2006 because it is required for me in order to qualify for the scholarship. However, my sponsors and I understand that my ESL program will take a minimum of one semester so that I can be ready to join the B.Sc. program in medicine. Therefore, I hope to be admitted to your university to begin my ESL study in Spring 2006. I am confidant that my study at your university will allow me to prepare myself to serve my country as a physician. Graduates from your school have proven high quality standards and are proving their distinction continuously. As I indicated to my sponsors that I was interested in studying at your school, they encouraged me to apply and promised me immediate processing and approval upon admission. I am sure that your university will be the place for me to channel my profound interest and fulfill my dreams. I hope, by joining your medicine program, that I will achieve my professional career objectives and academic goals. My future plans include coming back to Saudi Arabia for hands-on fieldwork as a physician. Then, I look forward to going back to pursue my graduate studies.
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