Statement of Purpose

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  • Published : February 16, 2011
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Statement of Purpose

My name is Jasleen kaur. I have done my schooling from one of the prominent school of India. I joined it in 19.. and passed my schooling in 200... The decade inculcated the bulk of the learning I possess today. There after I joined .a.b.c…. college Barnala and did my graduation with Commerce. Completing my graduation I came through certain phases which led me to pursue management at PG level. Looking at the trend in the market, where there is a great competition in the economy, every qualified person dreams to pursue his career in the business, since it is one of the areas seeing unprecedent growth. So I appeared for MET and got admission in Punjabi university regional centre for IT and management, Mohali Phase VII. I Completed my MBA with Finance as my major and Marketing as my minors. While MBA I developed an interest towards Investment Management which led me to join summer internship in Tiger wealth Management; a subsidiary of ………….. .

Objectives behind I.B
IB amused me right through my masters as a result of which I wished to opt for I.B. as my Minor subject but due to some technical difficulties; we did not get IB as one of my major subject in my MBA. Even then I got the exposure of this discipline in my MBA. I.B. related jobs were not prevalent at that time so to quench my need to know about International scenario I went foe I.B.

Needless to say that the world is shrinking to a Local Market after vary rapid Globalization, Revolution in I.T. & Communication. This increasing globalization and internationalization within trade and industry have led to a growing demand for managers with an international perspective as well as the ability to evaluate the economic consequences of their decisions. I am applying for I.B programme because I want to augment my learning skills that initiate me to think rationally and innovatively in the global market. To be precise I m interested in those dynamic macro environment factors that bring about changes in organizational structure, long term business strategy and performance of firm at International level along with its market competitiveness. I have selected Centennial College because of its reputation in PG studies, flexibility in Curriculum and Global perspective to various key issues. Challenging course work and excellent facilities are added attractions. By enrolling in the Fast Track Program in International Business Management I look forward to refine my knowledge and skills in my areas of interest. It will help me to meet the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving international business world. The course also includes a 4 month internship which will provide me practical insights in the international working environment as well as add to my credentials. Overall I can say that this course will help me to refocus my career and will provide it a new dimension. It will also make my academics more worth and genuinely valuable.

I hope to become a part of dynamic culture that will give me a learning edge to work effectively in diverse situations. Looking forward to an enriching experience of study at your prestigious Institution.

Yours Sincerely:
Jolene Kaur
I am applying for admission to the Ph.D. program in Business Administration because I want a career in the research and teaching of management. In particular, I am interested in factors that affect the competitive performance of a business concern, and the manner in which changes in technology affect an organisation's structure, long-term business strategy, product development, manufacturing, supply chains, distribution network, information needs and standard systems. In order to gain an appreciation of these and related issues, it is essential for me to have a strong grounding in Economics, Supply Chain Management, and issues connected with Information Technology, as well as gain a General Management perspective. Review para1

I believe that the Ph.D. program in Business...
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