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  • Published : February 9, 2011
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My strong interest in the project management course originated, when it was first introduced to me through my project manager and mentor during my first year at XXX, the company I joined after my undergraduate studies. Grounded with basic technical and legal knowledge, I had then begun to think about my future as a project manager and my goal was to climb the ladder of corporate value chain as fast as possible.

I thought in order to interpret the intricacies and requirements of how to manage a project and to understand this phenomenon better and solve the problems that are faced during the various stages of project management effectively; I must explore this program in depth. While the more experience I gained, the more eager I saw myself developing theoretical framework for formulating better project managing strategies. In order to do that, I believed that I need to be fed on advanced project planning, management, project risk management, and project estimation courses first. Then, on the solid theoretical and methodological platform, I hope to conduct original research that will contribute to both the science and the practice of project management.

The project management course in XXXX is internationally recognized and includes all the prerequisites of becoming a successful manager. The course directs students from many public and private sectors in all over world. Moreover, the key feature of the program is the internship program that will allow me to gain vital experience in multinational companies. Further, it will also provide me with an opportunity to network with industry professionals from all disciplines and use leading edge enabling project management tools, technologies and best practices. Also, this program will help me in securing the PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) ® credential, which is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. It has been globally recognized and demanded,...
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