Statement of Purpose

Topics: Hospitality industry, Master of Business Administration, Management Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: November 20, 2010
A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in hospitality is among the world rapid growing industry. This industry encompasses tourism and travel thus fostering the success of many restaurants and hotels. I would therefore like to join this program due to various reasons attributed to my interest, personal experience, previous training, among other reasons.

To begin with, this program educates and train students’ on various skills and knowledge of trading as well as introducing them to challenges and matters relating to tourism, hotels and all hospitality industries. This will improve my training and my one experience as a waiter and a bartender at a Chinese and Thai restaurant in Manhattan. This program like all hospitality program advance personal career to professional position especially to students with experience in businesses where customer happiness and satisfaction is highly valued. For instance, my one year sales experience in the transportation and Logistics Company in Taiwan will help me succeed in this program since customers satisfaction in this company was of utmost priority.

Hospitality creates an environment where satisfies customer is the paramount goal. I have always been interested in my work and satisfying customers in my previous jobs. Therefore I would like to join the program in order to work in larger international industries where customers’ satisfaction is their main goal. These industries include, global hotels, resort, restaurants, traveling agencies, tour companies, and/or even in controlling government conventional bureau.

I would like to earn an MBA experience in Hospitality since I believe it will offer an increased advantage to learn more about the hospitality industries in restaurants as well as hospitals. Having an experience as a bartender and waiter in Thai and Chinese restaurant in Manhattan has encouraged me in working in restaurant and the need for hospitality. I...
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