Statement of Purpose

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  • Published : November 9, 2010
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Statement of Purpose

“Good Food for Better Life”, were the words I used to hear frequently from my father. On numerous occasions while taking food, I used to wonder, What really is a ‘good food’ ?, How is it prepared ?, How does a good food provide better life? My curiosity accrued day by day and I decided to take Food Science in my Under Graduate.

Though I predestined my career in Food research, I couldn’t control my propensity towards Computers. While in 12th grade, I completed Diploma in Computer Applications covering few basic languages, packages and a project ( Payroll System ) in FoxPro. The experience I had gained by participating in many Essay competitions, including an International Essay Competition , helped me a lot in presenting my project report in an organized way.

My active participation in games invigorated me physically and mentally as well. With the support of my Physical Education Teacher I won Zonal, District, Division and Inter-Division level Table Tennis Tournaments.

After my schooling, I was looking for a college that could help slake my thirst in Food Research, that had the right environment , that had well qualified and experienced Faculty, but which college? Tamilnadu Agricultural University – Coimbatore, one of the leading Agricultural Universities in India, answered my question.

I was happy that I got into the right college to satiate my thirst. But the faculty here are the paradigm of the saying: “A good teacher does not give something to drink , but makes you thirsty”. Yes, they made me thirstier. The deeper I went, more abstruse it became. Now on the brink of completing my Under Graduation with and OGPA if 9.17 out of 10.0, I still have many challenging questions drilling my mind, but newer and erudite ones. Though I could clear a few through the Intensive Inplant Training and a Research project on ‘Extraction of food colorant from Marigold (Tagetus...
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