Statement of Purpose

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For a professional, a masters degree indicates a strong level of commitment and expertise in a specific industry or field. During the undergraduate studies, one tends to study courses under a much broader scope. One who undertakes an undergraduate course tends to have a general knowledge in the field of study. The postgraduate degree courses tends to be more field specific hence the student can be seen to be a subject matter expert to an extent. This is the level of commitment and expertise that employers desire and not a Jack of all trades, master of none . Earning a master's degree also allows you to immerse yourself in the study of a topic that interests you. In the undergraduate study, one tends to study courses that he or she might not find interesting. With the master’s degree however, the student can choose a course that he is interested in. This is very important as students will always put in their very best as long as they find the course they are studying interesting. Studies show that professionals with a Masters degree on the average perform better at work than their counterparts. A masters degree course tends to help make students more analytical in their approach to situations. Also, if one has an entrepreneurial desire and want to start a company undertaking a masters program in that field will most likely give him or her a good stepping stone to moves his dream forward. One might probably think it not necessary to undertake a masters program since you may be better off just going to work and learning about important problems facing industry. However, I believe a higher-reward approach is to go to graduate school to learn about cutting-edge ideas with an eye toward applying them to the marketplace. A masters program exposes one to new ways of doing things. It also gives one an in-depth knowledge into the advantages and disadvantages, the risks and the rewards of the various ways of doing things....
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