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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Fdu (fairleigh dikinson university) mas(master in health sciences) in global health administration. Statement of purpose

I believe i was instinctively drawn towards the field of dentistry because it requires a great deal of muscle dexterity in addition to technical precision, and with high school coming to an end i started looking for a carrer that came with emotional gratification I met a few dentists who expressed extreme satisfaction they derrived from work so i appreared for prestegious pre-medical exam and secured a position in b.j.s dental college. ludhiana and i persued bachelors of dental surgery from b.j.s dental college,ludhiana. After completing my degree ,I had the privilege of serving as an intern for one year, in which, I realized the holistic approach to serve society in order to improve their oral hygiene. i also learnt various skills about patient management . As a dentist, I think I in canada to persue this programe because it offers excellent education and state-of-the-art-facilities and I would be delighted to study in such an environment. after completing this programe i look forward to joining health sector in india where my parents live i think is perfect institution to up my skills and to provide excellent exposure which will in turn open gates for employment opportunities . Besides, I think to communicate and work effectively in health, this course is a must for me. It will help me a lot to improve my communication skills as well as workmanship.I read journals and Dental articles so as to keep myself updated with recent advancements and technological developments in healthcare. After completing my bachelors in dental surgery I only have clinical knowledge in the field of health. as a dentist I used to treat patients after they got the disease .Fairleigh dikinson university can give me opportunity to change my carrer , which can be the most important and meaningful transformation of my life. I like to...
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