Statement of Purpose

Topics: Structural engineering, College, Reinforced concrete Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: March 22, 2013

Name : Ahsanuddin Ahmed

Program : M.S. in Civil Engineering
Specialization: Structural Engineering

I have always been driven by an urge to know the how and why of things, often letting curiosity gets the better of me. Learning has always spelled enjoyment for me, and when you enjoy doing something, it is no work at all. My long-term goal is to make a contribution to the Structural field, which is not only innovative but also constructive to the society. Through my M.S program I wish to gain more knowledge and put my ideas and thoughts in to action.

I get ecstatic when I realize that I am just two years away from fulfilling my childhood dream to pursue career in Civil Engineering. Being from the family of Engineer’s my inclination towards Engineering was obvious. I did not let a chance go to visit my grandfather’s project sites. With the time my desire for Building’s and Construction has spread roots deep in my heart. With this strong desire I topped Secondary school with 76.67%. I selected Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as options for my post secondary course. An excellent combination of an extremely good faculty at Narayana Junior College and hard work from my side helped me to achieve 89.3% in my 11th grade. My persistent hard work paid off and I secured 89.6% in my post secondary school. Yet the job was not over I had to qualify with flying colors in Engineering Agricultural and Medicine Common Entrance Test( EAMCET) to secure a seat in a reputed college for my under graduation. I ranked among the top 8% in EAMCET from over 200000 candidates that appeared for the examination. Finally I was granted admission in Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology that is ranked among top ten colleges in my state; especially it is famous for its eminent faculty in Civil and Mechanical Engineering.

In my first year of under graduation I was taught Engineering Mechanics, from the very first day...
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