Statement of Purpose

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Having completed a three year course in business administration, my best interest lie in pursuing a postgraduate degree International Business Management. I think this is an ideal fit for me as the course emphasizes on economics, strategies, policies and business processes through innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. I have always been interested in these areas of study and I’m confident that this will help me build my existing skills and help me pursue a career in the business field.

I have always aspired for a career in business management. Just as I am proud of my academic and co-curricular achievement. I was the head boy of my school and captain of the under 14, 17 and 19 football team during my school days. This helped me gain leadership qualities, self-confidence, teamwork and eagerness to be the best. My initiative and strong desire to excel undoubtedly shows great academic promise. I took science in my school and completed it with knowledge in physics, chemistry and computers. I realized then my best interests lie in the field of business since my family has XXX and this has been our family business for years. So I wanted to broaden my perspective and improve my knowledge in business.

Managerial economics, entrepreneurial development and environment of business are a part of my undergraduate degree. In addition to my experience in the university, I further developed my skills as an intern XXX which is owned by my family. I learned about core business, human resource, relationship between the people and the organization. This gave me an insight of the business market.

I have chosen your university as it has one of the best management schools in the united kingdom and I found the course has all the modules I require. I believe it will help me gain practical experience and innovative ideas about the business world which I could imply in my future endeavours.
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