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  • Published : February 9, 2013
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Master's/Certificate Applicant Directions:
In 750 to 1,000 words, state your professional plans and career objectives (Goals Statement). Please include your personal qualities and development and how they have influenced your career choice; you’re reasons for this particular degree in relation to your academic background, professional work experience, and career goals; and your reason for selecting your program at George Mason University. This is in my goals statement for the application for a Master's in International Commerce and Policy in George Mason University. My name is Maha Abdulrahman Al Hashmi age of 23 and I am from Saudi Arabia. I have received a Bachelor’s degree from the New York Institute of Technology in Human Resources-Management. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree, I recognized the opportunity of reaching my goals and ambitions and found this major, that is not offered by many universities other than George Mason. This is what made me insist on applying for it. I was looking for a unique major, and when I read about what the major offers, I was really impressed by the great combination of different courses I can take. From my Bachelor’s Degree experience, I have found the American system of education to be the best because it offers a wide variety of subjects not necessarily relating to the field of study the student is in. This fascinates and interests me because I have a thirst for knowledge in many areas besides the area I am hoping to specialize in. This pushed me into striving to complete my Master’s degree in an American university. What attracted me to this major is the fact that it makes one study and gain of from different areas including those that are political, international, social and technological. I worked as a trainee in the recruiting department in a key-point consulting company in the Kingdom of Bahrain for almost 3 months and I surely learned a lot from this experience. First, it taught me to be truly...
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