Statement of Purpose

Topics: Food science, Food processing, Nutrition Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: December 22, 2012
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MS Masters Food Science and Human Nutrition
Posted April 5, 2012
For years, the seeming miracles of food technology have attracted me, the problem solving, and need for analytical thinking. Without food technology, the XXX military could not enjoy chocolate in desert conditions in Middle Eastern operations, and XXXs would simply not exist. And when things go wrong, as just this month with the salmonella outbreak from peanut-butter-based products in XXX, it is food scientists who are called upon for answers and future checks and balances, as well as reassurances of minimizing the propensity of such outbreaks in a food that otherwise simply does not carry salmonella.

The field of Food Science is inherently transsystemic in its approach to resolving the myriad challenges that producing food and food products from the farm to homes, industry or institutions. I bring with me an academic foundation that is truly interdisciplinary biochemistry, botany, zoology and mathematics reflecting a zeal for the sciences and math that has been tempered by professional research into and applications of food science.

With over a decade of conceptual continuity in my scholastic and industrial experiences, I have the ability to work autonomously or as a part of a multidisciplinary team of scientists and their supporting staff. Indeed, I have systematically advanced into positions with increasing responsibility, culminating with my managerial experience in a small-scale food industry, a position that would have been impossible to achieve without having first completing years of research chemist work with a multinational pharmaceutical company. Moreover, my managerial experience has increased my interpersonal and communication skills,...
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