Statement of Purpose

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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I wish to continue my academic career at ****r College, Canada in the Faculty of Applied Design and Art. As a student in the *** Institute, where selected course of Animation and Multimedia, I learned theories of Animation, which I have applied in my professional career for the two and a half years. At this time, however, I want to further increase my knowledge and skills in the field of animation and develop a successful career. I have always been addicted towards animation and video games since my childhood. I am extremely passionate about animation. I used to play games or watch cartoons on TV for long hours every day. But as I grew up my family realized that my interest in gaming and animation was genuine because I do not only played these or watched cartoons a lot but also tried to figure out ways these were made.

In 2003 'Finding Nemo' was released. Like every other Pixar film, I looked forward to being entertained with a magical movie moment, knowing my high expectations will be met. I laughed till I snorted at the humorous scenes and funny dialogues. Then something unexpected happened. For the first time an animated film brought a tear in my eye. I couldn't believe that a cartoon about a talking fish could teach me values that I had otherwise taken for granted when my own parents repeatedly tried in vain to instill in me. I realized the effect a story could have on people's lives. And that's when I knew I wanted to master the Art of Storytelling. Out of all the beautiful art forms man has created over time to express himself- painting, dance, music, theater, film etc, my heart got drawn towards animation as the best medium to give voice to my thoughts I always wanted to create my own short films and cartoon clips so I started collecting information right from a very early stage about animation and gaming. As time passed I got more and more involved in this and I got to know some of basics, so I started build my knowledge on my...
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