Statement of Purpose

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  • Published : October 10, 2008
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Statement of Purpose
Over the past few years helping others through sound investment advice has not only been a vocational goal, but a fulfilling process as well. In my current role at xxxxxx as a wholesaler of variable annuities I support the structuring of retirement portfolios. I work with many professionals on a per client basis to develop a foundation upon which an individual can retire and stay invested in the market with confidence and certainty. It is my responsibility to see that all involved play their part and that the finished product is sturdy enough to defy unforeseen events in the marketplace. Building a secure retirement is often due in large part to investments in real estate, which I have had an increasing amount of exposure to in my position. It is contact with these types of investments, coupled with an inherent passion for the real estate industry, which has made me want to switch gears in my career. I love the work that I do. It is in this field that I have developed the conviction that a sound future is achievable for everyone. To that end I intend to focus on my own future by furthering my education in the real estate industry in order to achieve my goal of someday becoming a real estate developer and investor. While my current position has offered a tremendous opportunity to exercise my enthusiasm for designing dynamic financial solutions, I believe that I could better pursue that personal ambition through a more self-directed path. xxxxx program offers an exciting opportunity for just that. As alum of xxxx by way of the xxxxx School of Business, I am already acquainted with and a proponent of the University’s approach to education and development of what is termed the “xxxxx Family.” Nothing would please me more than to continue my longstanding relationship with my alma mater and to study in a program as highly specialized as the xxxxxx. In comparison to other schools I have researched, the multidisciplinary approach of the program...
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