Statement of Purpose

Topics: Poverty, Kenya, Health Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: June 13, 2012

Last summer, as I was preparing for my graduation from college, I had a lot in mind. Apart from being excited about finishing my 4-year course and finally getting my degree, I was also in great thought about the career path I wanted to pursue. This search of an answer and beyond the surface issues about remuneration and earning a comfortable living, I felt that it required me to evaluate the core values, which I have endeavored to embody in my life. It is for this reason, that I have a retrospective look at my past which has been a past riddled with uncertainty, one that I would have wished to be less tumultuous but instead was laden with complexity, hardship and tough choices. As I looked back, my career both in school and on the professional track, has been guided consistently by an incessant desire for challenges, the realization that I have the potential to ameliorate myself at all times and a desire to serve others. This is the reason why I am seeking admission in School of Business and Law MBA program. I believe that the training I’ll receive will enable me to serve better, as well as be better equipped to address challenges I’ll face in my professional career.

I grew up in a polygamous family. My father, a religious man in his own right, did his best to educate all his children. It is never lost on me how much he stressed that education was the most important inheritance worth bequeathing to us. Growing up in such a home where I was expected to make the best of my opportunity as a child in a large family, I had the seeds of grittiness and determination sown in me. For me, each day meant a different way to make the “best” of the opportunity presented to me. As a child, I was not as articulate about this goal but it manifested in terms of the schools which I asked my dad to enroll me in, the kind of conversations which I engaged my friends at school in and the eagerness to take up...
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