Statement of Problem

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  • Published : March 19, 2012
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Statement of problem, opportunity, objectives

Alan Baird, the founding figure of Stitch it, a primarily mall based service provider which officers alteration services to the private and public sector, was now the company’s CEO. In 1990, Baird sold Stitch it to a business group after sales and income had begun to slow. After selling his company and having stayed on as CEO, he oversaw the growth of the company and overall expansion form the initial 3 stores under Baird’s direct leadership, to today’s 84 stores throughout Canada and the United States. Now having the opportunity to buy back his business venture, his daughter, Jennifer Baird has expressed her interest I becoming an executive in the Stitch It Group.

Analysis of situation

Although Jennifer Baird has graduated from The University of Western Ontario with a bachelor’s degree in the administrative and commercial studies program in 2000, she lacks real-time experience to go into the Stitch It Group and lead as an executive. She would have a difficult time attempting to adjust to the fast paced environment in addition to having the support from her peers or the respect from her employees without having earned her “stripes.” To address the concern, Alain Baird proposed a plan of attack to expose his daughter to the much needed experience by completing a 10-year plan. The plan called for her to assume the role of a local store moving up to managing operations to various stores and then rotating thru positions in business operations, accounting department, marketing and human resources before heading into an executive position

Identification and evaluation of alternatives

Alternative #1: Jennifer Baird can continue with her education and her goal to be a top executive by taking courses and earning a degree in business management. Advantage: She would take this education into a tentative 10-year program her father will develop and expose her to real-life situations with the day-to-day operations of...
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