Statement of Interests

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Statement of Interests

The tertiary academic qualifications from the University of Cambridge are known around the world as top quality and world-class. Criminology as a course looks very interesting and I am eager to explore and improve my knowledge in this field. The M. Phil. in Criminology at the University of Cambridge aims to offer an up-to-date and high-quality course to students. The course introduces the most important theory and research in criminology which I think is relevant to my policing profession.

The 21st Century has put policing into a new milieu where the causes of crime and disorder lie outside the immediate community. In the Malaysian context, the mechanism in tackling crime is demanding new and innovative approaches from the police. As street crime has diminished gradually, new and more insidious types of crime, e.g. organised and cyber crime have replaced it. Police officers with a stronger grasp on emerging knowledge and technologies will be crucial to successful policing in the future.

Although I do not have academic background in Social Science and Criminology but I have a strong interest in sociology. I am intrigued by why some members of society conform to the rules and norms of a given society, while others deviate from these. I want to explore the theory behind crime and deviance as well as the myths and prejudices associated with crime and disorder. Having studied a UK Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting had given me skills in which would help with my postgraduate studies in the UK.
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