State Test Persuasive Essay

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  • Published : May 3, 2012
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Throughout high school you are given many different tests that determine how well you do in certain subjects. High school gives you many challenges to prove that you are ready to graduate and receive a high school diploma. That is why I feel that giving a standardize test is an unfair way to determine a student’s graduation. Many students can get test anxiety and score low on a subject that they normally do every day. Graduated shouldn’t be set on one certain test because there are many aspects to high school that are completely outside of the classroom. Also there may be students who have done nothing throughout high school, but they “look good on paper” therefore they get away with doing the bare minimum and graduate because of one test score. To begin, taking a test can be different for every student. From personal experience I know that I can do 10 homework assignments and get close to 100% on them, but when I go to take the test I blank out and lose track of everything I have learned. I know that I am not the only student that experiences this problem. If we measure a student’s knowledge by making them take a test, it would be a big mistake and we would risk the chance of not letting a good student graduate. Test anxiety affects many very smart students; therefore a standardized test would not be appropriate to determine a student’s graduation. Next a standardize test is unfair because your diploma is not determined on everything you learn in the class room. A lot of the material that student’s learn in the classroom the teachers are told to teach around a certain type of test that you would normally receive at the end of the year. There are other events and experiences in high school that contribute to our graduation. To survive outside of high school you have to think outside the box. It sometimes isn’t the material we learn that we are going to actually use in real life, but it’s the thinking process and concept. It is unfair to base the way a student...
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