State Terrorism

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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TAKE-HOME ACTIVITY#2 and Graded Recitation#2
Points Rubric: Q1=150/150, A2=150/150, Act2=75/75, Gr2=75/75 Passing score is 70% =105/150
“A Reaction Paper on Political Themed Anime: Terrorism”
Deadline: MW March 11, 2013 (Monday)
FRIDAY March 15, 2013 (Friday)
Note: Change in plans This Assignment will include Friday class now! Please inform class!

May be done by groups of 2-5 members each! (May also be done individually!)

1. ANALYTICAL REACTION PAPER: Choose one of the following Anime/ Live Action/Documentary Films, which represent an aspect of the theme Terrorism: • Full Metal Alchemist episodes 7-10, 53-64: (Theme: State Sponsored Terrorism) • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: (Theme: Corporate Terrorism) • Code Geass Episodes 1,2 (S1 and S2): (Theme: Political Terrorism) • Dekada 70 (State Terrorism: torture during martial law) After watching and understanding the Film’s context and content answer the following: (150 points overall)

A. Summary: Write a complete but brief summary not more than 2 paragraphs for all episodes. (20 points)

B. Reaction Essay: Answer the following questions as completely and briefly as possible: (80 points) 1. In your point of view did these episodes reflect the reality of a present modern day society and how it deals with Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism as whole? (Especially in avoiding a global conflicts or open war?) (15 points) 2. How would you personally define the ff:

a. Terrorism (The theme of the film/anime you watched/type of terrorism) b. Counter Terrorism
c. Intelligence (Espionage)
d. International Relations (in terms of International Law and Organizations) e. Assassination
f. Globalization (economic,...