State School Visual Analysis

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State School No.1812 Analysis
What visual cues are used to imply the negative impression of school? Visual cues such as the reinforced concrete walls separating a place of monotony and being imprisoned from the open world filled with freedom portrays negativity against schools as if attending school is being in-captured in such a world where freedom is non existent and no joy whatsoever is present. Spikes above the walls possibly symbolize captivation as if whoever is held behind the walls is disallowed to escape and will be in captivity as if treated like ‘animals’. The facial expression of the character gives the viewer a sense that the character him/her self is forced to be at school and is reluctant to attend. An expression full of solemn, tells the viewer to sympathize over his involuntary attendance at the school and to give help to such an unfortunate person who loathes such a place. The contrast between the black and the white conveys the idea that school is a dark and evil place as black represents demonic concepts. White represents a haven where joy and happiness is existent. The gates; one being opened and the other being closed only allowing entrance shows a one way path where entering is possible but leaving, impossible. This gives an idea that school is oppressive and allows no freedom.

How is written text used to reinforce the visual techniques of the artist to create a negative impression about ‘State School No.1812’? Written text such as the rules shown on the pillar portray a school similar to a totalitarian regime in which disconnection from the real world of freedom and being enslaved is exhibited, reinforcing the readers negative thoughts on the school. A biblical referenced quote is placed above the entrance of the school reading, “Abandon all dreams yee who enter here.” This quote clearly gives a negative impression, where dreams and self-though have to be abandoned.

Detail the three most salient images in the cartoon and...
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