State Requirements for Parenting Plans

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State Requirements for Parenting Plans
Carol Schelling
PA415-01: Family Law & Divorce Mediation
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State Requirements for Parenting Plans
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To:Prof. H.

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Re:Pennsylvania Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans are very important. They outline the responsibilities of the parents and clarify what is in the best interest of the child. Pennsylvania does not require a parenting plan according to 23 Pa. C.S.A. Section 5331. In Pennsylvania, it also depends on the county in which you live. For example: In Washington County, Pennsylvania they require parenting plans for contested custody cases. However, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania they do not require parenting plans.

My Day in Court

When I went to gain more rights to my daughter, Christal; I first filed a Modification with the Court of Common Pleas. The reason I had to do this was there was already an Order of the Court already in place. In Pennsylvania, you are required to go to a “Parents Forever” Seminar. This is a four hour seminar that teaches parents how to co-parent. When I was done, I had to provide the Court with the certification of my completion. If I did not complete this requirement, I would have been held in contempt.

After I showed the Court that I completed the seminar, I then had to go to custody conferences. They represent mediation. In the custody conferences, my ex-husband and I had to work out a parenting plan. When we agreed to the context of the agreement, we both received copies. After a couple of months, we then had to go to a custody conference and the conference officer reviewed the past months. When there was an issue, like when my ex-husband refused me visitation with Christal, she would help us come up with...
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