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Topics: Discrimination, Childhood, Education Pages: 6 (1968 words) Published: May 16, 2013
I am going to discuss the state support: state provision for children, the historical development of the ECCE in Ireland, the current ECCE provision by the state, health and welfare, equal opportunity legislation and quality ECCE environment in 1200-1400 words. Childcare has changed over the years in so many ways. In the past women stayed at home to mind the children, there was no childcare facilities if children needed to be cared for neighbours or family members cared for the children. Also in the past anyone could open their own crèche, there were no checks done on people there were no such thing as garda vetting and there was no such thing as a childcare qualification. Now in 2013 more women are working so there are more demands for childcare facilities, but because the recession has kicked in more dad’s are staying at home to mind the children if the woman has a better paying job. There is now a ECCE scheme set up in most crèches for all children aged between 3years 2months and 4years 7months by sept 1st of every year. This provides all children that qualify with free pre-school which is 3hours per day 5days a week, 38weeks per year. Garda vetting came into place in 2011, which means anyone who intends to work with children, the elderly or any persons has to go through the garda vetting system, in this system you will be checked for any criminal records you may have. And the minimum entry requirement into a childcare facility now is a fetac level 5 in childcare, and in years to come that standard will more than likely rise. The current provisions in place by the state are as follows: ECCE Scheme

The ECCE scheme was introduced in January 2010, it is managed by county childcare committees and administered by DCYA (Department of children and youth affairs). This scheme provides one free pre-school year for children aged between 3years 2months and 4years 7months by September 1st. The hours are 3 hours per day usually 9.30 – 12.30, 5 days per week and 38 weeks per year. This is a stepping stone into primary school. And the scheme gives every child including children in homes that may not be able to afford childcare cost have the chance to avail of the service. In order for the scheme to take place in the facility there has to be a minimum of 8 children enrolled or have proof that other children will be getting enrolled the following year. CETS Scheme

CET’s means childcare education and training support. This is a scheme that fas and the VEC provide to people who have childcare needs. Only certain crèche’s and childcare facilities provide this service so you do have to ask your local county childcare committee for a list of childcare providers who are currently providing this scheme. You will only ever have to pay max €20 per week to the crèche. The price is at the discretion of the childcare provider. Early Start Programme

The Early Start Programme is a one-year preventative intervention scheme offered in selected schools in designated disadvantaged areas. The objective of the pre-school programme, which is managed, funded and evaluated by the Department of Education and Skills, is to tackle educational disadvantage by targeting children who are at risk of not reaching their potential within the school system. Children must be aged more than 3 years 2 months and less than 4 years 7 months on the 1st day of September of the year in which they are enrolled. Children may either be enrolled in Early Start or in the Free Pre-school Year Scheme. Children are not eligible to be enrolled in both schemes at the same time. The Early Start Pre-School Programme was introduced in 1994. Health and Welfare services provided by the Irish state include: Medical Card

The medical card is issued by the HSE (health service executive). To qualify for a medical card your income has to be below a certain level and family size. Your assets, income, savings, investments and properties (expect for your home) are assessed in the application...
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