State of the Art Termination

Topics: Office, Morality, Termination of employment Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: June 14, 2012
Itayi Nyaundi
Ethics 3P82
Ray Borland

Case 1.2 
A "state of the art" termination

After reviewing bills process of termination day, i came to the conclusio of the way that he was terminated was ethical and moral manner to a certain extent. We will look at both of the aspects of of the termination and hopefully we will determine the best way that it would have happened. 

Firstly we see that the employees all had the idea that some will not make the cut and the fact that it had nothing to do with their perfomance. But even with this fact it still does not make a termination ay easier. The four individuals were told that they were not to return to their offices or to set foot insid ethe corporate office building again. They were also instructed that their personal computer files that belonged to them were going to be delivered back to them after they have been checked to make sure that they do not have any proprietary information. They were also instructed that they were not to remain at the hotel but to proceed to an serviced exit where there were prepaid taxis were stationed to take them home. 

I agree with some of the methods that were used and only to very small degree. When i look at the fact that they could not say goodbye to some of their co-workers, and the fact that they have to use a service exit to leave the premises, and that they cannot come back to the corporate office at all was totally inappropriate. At the same time i would also assume ghat the most of them would have driven to work that day and that they would have parked their vehicles at the office.  And we can assume that since he had been a long time employee he had more than likely had gained a lot of friends and to be told that he could not communicate with them at all was more of an insult. We definitely would have needed the relationship if the individuals with other employees at the work place as well. This would give us a clear indication of the employees relationship with...
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