State Life Insyrance Corporation Internship Report

Topics: Insurance, Endowment policy, Life insurance Pages: 41 (9759 words) Published: December 4, 2012
With the name of ALLAH the Most Beneficial and Merciful. I completed my internshipin State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan. I am really pleased to have a professional learning experience in one of leading insurance organizations of country. In these sixweeks I worked in different departments and I am truly thankful to all officers and staff who entirely give assistance to me.I am also grateful to my honorable teachers Sir Fida Hussain Bukhari, Sir Irshad, Sir RiazAhmed Mian and all other teachers who motivated me to work hard and teach metechnique to learn work.The account of acknowledgement will remain incomplete if I do not express my sincereappreciation, indebtedness and gratitude to my parents. They have always been a sourceof encouragement for me.

I recently have completed my internship in State Life Insurance Corporation OF Pakistan,Group & Pension, Lahore Zone in which I got training from its different departments.The structure, the fashion of working & the dedication of the employees in SLIC is reallycommendable. State Life Insurance Corporation OF Pakistan (SLIC) has a solidfoundation since 1972 in Pakistan, and main objective is to provide its customers withsafe, secure and trustworthy service through wide range of products.In this report I have given a very brief review of Profile of State Life InsuranceCorporation OF Pakistan, all the products provided by the SLIC and in this regard I havetried to give all the information of SLIC.Then I have discussed about my learning in entire internship in all departments of StateLife Insurance Corporation OF Pakistan. During my internship I worked in Underwriting,Claims and Accounts department and I successfully completed all the task/duties thatwere assigned to me. I have made it possible to write each and every thing that I have learnt there. I have all my practical efforts in the form of this manuscript that‟s the asset for my prospect career.Then I have done a detailed Financial Analysis as well as SWOT Analysis. Finally I havegiven some recommendations about State Life Insurance Corporation OF Pakistan

Methodology means way of collecting the data of report writing. There are two methodsto conduct research. First methodology of research is primary data and other is secondarydata base research. In this report I have methodology of primary data and secondary data.I worked in Group & Pension (State Life Corporation of Pakistan, Lahore Zone) and aboutthis department so less material was available and I had to collect most of data bydiscussions with officers. Primary data:


By meeting/asking questions to different personal of different departments. Mr.Tariq Munir (Deputy Manager, PHS), Mr. Khawar Majeed (Deputy Manager,(F&A), Mr. Muhammad Yaqoob (Zonal Head, F&A), MR. Shahid Khokhar(Sector Head, Marketing), MR.Sohail Yaseen (Manager P&GS),and many personsof staff cooperate with me and guide me about working procedure of theirconcerned departments. 

Practically working, carefully watching the working procedure of the organization. 
Visiting different departments of the organization.
Secondary Data:

Study written material available about State Life

Study different books of insurance, booklets, broachers.

Study Annual Report of SLIC.

Visiting website of SLIC

Study previous internship reports available in college library.

During my internship training I had face to many problems/limitations which weresome times really discourage me to collect the basic and important information to make astrong and very good report on SLIC.Despite of the following limitation I tried my best and honest effort to collect the data andinterpreted in this report:- 

Due to lack of time it is very difficult to get all information of departments of SLIC. 
There were no special arrangements for internees. Thanks to all those officers...
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