State Environment of Bangladesh

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State Environment of Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is a South Asian developing country located between 20.34 to 26.38 north latitude and 88.01 to 92.42 east longitudes, with an area of 147570 sq km. It has a population of about 128million.It has a border on the west, north and east with India and the southeast with Myanmar. The whole country consists of mainly low and flat land except for the hilly regions in the northeast and southeast. Physiographical the country can divided into hills, uplifted land blocks, and the majority alluvial plains. The Environment of Bangladesh is diverse and mix of traditional and modern methods of land use.

Environmental Resources:

The primary sources of environmental resources in the country can be considered to be the existing natural and human resources. Bangladesh this is very low compared to the density of population, and their demands. The environmental resources of the country have been summarized into two major parts. That is:

1.Natural Physical resources
2.Natural Biotic resources

Now I describe the major environmental resources.

Natural Physical resources:

Natural physical resources are divided into many parts. All the parts the most important parts which reflect the quality of atmosphere of Bangladesh is given below:

The land of Bangladesh can be grouped into three major units’ hill soils, old alluvial soils and recent alluvial soils. The hill soils means the Himalayan ranges, Chittagong hills and hillocks of sylhet. Old alluvial soils are seen in the Madhupur and Barind. The soils of these have been formed on the old alluvium of the Pleistocene epoch. Recently old alluviums are found in the Gangas alluvium, Teesta silt and Brahmaputra alluvium.

Water System:
Bangladesh is the largest delta in the world formed in the world by the Gangas, the Brahmaputra, and the Meghna river system. The delta is characterized by flat with the intricate system of rivers and tidal channels. Three major rivers have a huge catchment area of 1,554,000 sq km, spreading over five countries. There are 700 rivers, cannels and streams in Bangladesh. The main river system occupying the delta formed by the Gangas and the Brahmaputro which once they entry Bangladesh are known as the Padma and the Jamuna. The Jamuna joins the Padma near Aricha and flows up to chandpur where it joins The Meghna and the combined flow is the Meghna. The river flowing from the hills situated in the southeast of Bangladesh, namely Karnaphuli, Sangu, Matamuhuri and Knaaf flow into the Bay of Bengal. The important river in this region is the Karnaphuli which is also the longest ,274 km.

Climate of Bangladesh:

The climate of Bangladesh is characterized by high temperatures, excessive humidity. Though more than half the area of Bangladesh is situated north of the Tropics. The effect of the Himalayan mountain chain makes the climate more or less tropical. The climate is controlled primarily by summer and winter winds and partly by pre monsoon and post monsoon circulation

The country has an almost uniformly humid, warm and tropical climate. There are six seasons in Bangladesh namely Summer, Rain, Autumn, Fall, Winter, and spring.

The hot summer seasons from March to June is characterized by high temperatures in a week or more days are the highest rate of evaporation, and erratic but heavy rainfall.

From June to October is the hot and humid monsoon season with temperatures ranging and heavy rainfall and two-third of the mean annual rainfall.

The cooler and drier winter extends from November to March. When temperatures range from 8C to 15C and minimum temperatures can fall below 5C in the north. The temperatures fall throughout November to December, and in the last week of December.

Natural Biotic Resources:
Terrestrial and aquatic ecological resources play an important role in nation development. They serve as rich sources of food and fuel for the...
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