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INDIA AS WE ALL KNOW GOT its awaiting independence in 1947.but is it fully true? Maybe not! Because India became free from foreign control completely in 1961, when the Portuguese left goa and some other adjoining regions in 1961 after military action.

FREEDOM from the major invader THE EAST INDIA COMPANY SAW INDIA IN A STRONG STATE TO BUILD A NEW NATION WHICH WOULD BE ECONOMICALLY TERMED AS A DEVELOPING NATION.but was it enough for india to get freedom?? 2 years from then saw major setback. India was partitioned for the first time in 1947 from Pakistan. It was a religion based partition. It gave a major setback to the economy and also politically. Mass destruction of property and life took place. But then the partition was based on some unexplained topics which is not my concern in this article. what I want to present gives the idea about what is the present day condition of this large country with even large population divided in very bigger regions which seems difficult to administrate as a whole.

Today in 2013….

India has 28 states.
state has its own government
some are under president control.

Some bigger states want to get separated from its counterpart based on linguistic division. Taking example of Andhra Pradesh. Being fourth largest in india based on land area and ranked 5th on basis of population. It has 42 seats in lok sabha.

These facts give a conclusion that it is a very important state to India in every ways. Its on a verge of division.
I am not concerned with the reasons behind. I am not concerned even with political views behind this.

What I am concerned with is that some of the states in india are very big to administrate from a single table government likes of Andhra Pradesh, uttar Pradesh, rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, mahrashtra. Dividing of the states on basis of religion or language sounds foul as it loosens the integrity of the nation and leads to political and regional unrest....
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