State Benefits and Drug Testing

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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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Welfare is government aid intended to help people and families with little to no income, this includes people that work and make very little money. Welfare was created mainly for families with children, the elderly and disabled people. Welfare can include cash assistance (TANIF), food stamps, section 8 housing, childcare assistance and Medicaid. In some states, welfare can take the form of vouchers, credits, or grants as well. There are certain eligibility requirements for welfare in the United States. If a person wants to receive welfare, they must go to a local health and human service department to apply. They would bring proof of financial need and meet a large range of federal and state requirements.

For a person to become eligible for welfare in the United States the applicant has to be a US citizen or lawfully permanent residence. When a person applies for welfare their citizenship status is reviewed, as well as the status of each household member before assistance is granted. Each state has its own residency requirements as well. Some people believe these requirements are not enough to be eligible to receive all of these types of benefits. The state of Michigan, the only state to have imposed random drug testing on welfare recipients, found that 10 percent tested positive for illicit drugs, with 3 percent testing positive for hard drugs such as cocaine. "These rates are consistent with the general population," according to the liberal Center for Law and Social Policy.

The ongoing question is should Welfare recipients be required to drug test? I myself currently receive most of the benefits that are included in the above paragraph. I am a single mother of two very young children. I work close to 25 hours per week, and I go to college to earn a degree to better my children and my life. I stay focused on important things in my life and put my priority’s first. Since I was thirteen years old, I have worked a full time job. Until this last year my hours...
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