State Bank of Pakistan

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State Bank of Pakistan

By | May 2012
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Sir ANEEL Saeed GROUP # 9 ALI Amir Bhatti UMAIR Mohyiundin RAFIA Saeed ASMA Maqbool ARIF Masood KHADIJA Majeed - 43 - 17 - 21 - 47 - 50 - 53

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For a student of commerce and business studies, value of experiencing practical business field during different visits and projects is of great value, as having knowledge and understanding of practical business field is very important, and it becomes even more important in case of a management course. It gives more clear understanding of management concepts as student gets a chance to see these concepts being practiced in real. Unless and until the students experience the novelty of practical work, their knowledge of what they study in theoretical courses remains incomplete. Students this way also learn to work in team and get exposure to local industry. The most important point in such activities is that the student should spend their time in a true manner and with the spirit to learn practical orientation of theoretical concepts. This visit report is on management practices in State of Pakistan and to be specific in its Field office in Multan. In this report we have tried our best to state our observations and learning’s about State Bank of Pakistan, with respect to its organization, management and departments.



At the outset of this report which was made as a partial fulfillment of course of Management. We wish to acknowledge with sincerest gratitude to all of those who guided us and assisted us in any way during our visit and for preparation of this report. We would like to pay our sincerest thanks to respected Sir. ANEEL Saeed, who provided us this great opportunity to know and understand the practical field of business. We are also grateful of our C ommerce Department , which allowed us to have this visit. We are also indebted to...

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