State and Explain 10 Roles Managers Play in Organisations

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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State and explain 10 roles played by a manager in any given org

A manager is a representative of subordinates, intermediary between work groups and top management. They serve to integrate an organization and the effectiveness depends on how well they co-ordinate. All the major ten managerial roles can be classified into three categories; interpersonal, informational and decisional. The figure-head role is the first of their interpersonal roles. They represent the organization in all matters of formality, both legally and socially , to those outside the organization. The extent, depending of course , on their position in the hierarchy. The superior roles of being the company symbol , are just for the company CEO or the Human resources manager who is responsible for interviewing potential employees. Managers have a leader role. They achieve organizational aims by using specified type of motivation oriented on employee needs and satisfaction. In a transactional style of leadership the manager presents an enticing reward such as a promotion for subordinates to be motivated to participate in achieving organizational goals. They have to continually conceive a viable company vision in a dynamic world. And also be able to instill motivation in their subordinates to participate towards achieving it. Managers also have a liaison role, where they have to interact with peers and people outside the organization. He enters into agreements and contracts such as purchases order from new customers who require regular supply of fresh fruit from an commercial farm ‘organisation’.

The fourth role is their monitoring role, and this now falls in the second category, the information class. The manager has to concerning a company’s activities. They are responsible for actively acquiring insight into problems in sales drop, taxes, inflation and market trends. A sales manager has to go to the extend of reading professional magazines, watching CNBC Africa in order to get latest...
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