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Topics: Experiment, Scientific method, Hypothesis Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The primary goal of this research is to find out whether the display of red by a female can increase her attraction to a male significantly. In this research, the researchers dis more observations than self-report is because self-report data have well-known limitations in comparison to direct observations of human behavior. We are finding some common reactions across species. Apparently, examinations of behavior represent a more direct test of parallels between human and non-human functioning with regard to attraction. For instance, if a man finds a woman attractive and feels desire toward her, he may not express it behaviorally due to shyness, fear of rejection, the presence of rivals, or a lack of receptivity cues from the woman. But he might still make the first move talk to the woman in a way which is quite straightforward and directly. In order to do this research, the researchers did two experiments but in a same design-completely randomized design. The reason why the experimenter use double blind at experiment 1 is because under this circumstance, the experimenters and the participants they both don't know who is experimental group or control group. This is actually maximally avoided different kinds subjective bias and personal preference. Both experiments were not included the individuals who already know the goals of the experiments or part of the design of those. The result from there people will definitely cause more deviation at the final consequence. They are either bad samples or would give the answers with bias because they have unintentional physical cues. After calculation, the 95% confidence interval to the number of question Intimacy of women who wear red and green are (17.54, 21.00) and (14.77, 18.43) respectively. If give an alternative hypotheses which is “men viewing a target woman green would choose to ask her more intimate questions”. Then my data doesn’t provide significant evidence that true population mean of the number of question...
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