Topics: Acupuncture, Alternative medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Acupuncture is a typical healing practice or remedy used as a complementary and alternative medicine to western medicine. However, acupuncture is a mainstream treatment in traditional chinese medicine. Today, it involves the use of sharp, thin needles that are inserted into the body at extremely specific points. There are many acupuncture points along meridians.In acupuncture, each meridian is related to, and named after, an organ or function. When choosing specific points for a patient it will depend on illness and qi or chi flow. The qi circulates through the 14 meridians and organs of the body to give the body nourishment. All channels of the meridians and organs are interconnected. Purnell 141. The qi flow is extremely important to the chinese.

The chinese founded and developed acupressure about 5,000 years ago. The key concept is the belief in chi. Chi or qi is considered the essential force of life; includes air, breath, or wind; present in all living organisms. Purnell 141. When chi is stagnant, unbalanced, or overstimulated, illness occurs. Practitioners use fingers or needles to apply pressure at points on the skin to access and guide the flow of chi. Once balance is restored by pressing the appropriate point, self-healing capacities are believed to take over. To further understand where acupuncture and acupressure comes from we must look into its history.

Acupuncture is an accidental finding of medicine. The origin of acupuncture is a mystery of ancient times. Legend has it, that thousands of years ago a Chinese soldier developed a stiff and painful shoulder, what we would now call a frozen shoulder. When the soldier was later injured in the leg by an arrow his frozen shoulder pain dissipated. He told his doctor and his doctor began to test the theory through other soldiers. He did this by poking an arrow in the same spot in the leg as the first soldier. It seemed to work and the doctor became famous healer of frozen shoulder....
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