Topics: East Germany, West Germany, Cold War Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: August 25, 2010
The Stasi
The Stasi were the primary intelligence and security agency of East Germany also known as The German Democratic Republic (GDR) during the cold war. They had a large amount of informants, agents and military trained police. They focused on espionage and political security. In its 39 years at least 1/3 of the East German population came under Stasi surveillance, arrest, detention, or torture.The East German government, with the assistance of the Soviet intelligence community, established the Stasi on February 8, 1950 to maintain communist rule in East Germany. The soviets helped the East Germans by training the first agents, and then they let the stasi take over. The agency served the desires of the communist regime. They created a widespread network of informants who were mostly citizens who worked with stasi agents who were paid either in goods or money. They used their powers to spy on other citizens using their own connections and jobs. If any suspicious activity occurred or any anti government behavior occurred they would report it and the people who they caught would be under more surveillance or be arrested. The Stasi maintained their own network of prisons and detention camps where they held their prisoners; there they gained a reputation for their use of brutality, blackmail and torture to get the information and to get the prisoner to cooperate. The actual agent force was very large and comprehensive, they infiltrated schools, factories and political and social organizations to find any wrong doings, and they often created massive files on people that included pictures, information and even samples of their clothes. The agency was divided into several divisions each focusing on various security tasks. The Ministry for State Security maintained one armed force; the Feliks Dzierzynski Guard Regiment was named for the founder of the Bolshevik secret police. The force consisted of as many as 8,000 military-trained members. The FD guarded...
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