Starwood Hotel and Resorts Call Center Networking

Topics: Computer network, Optical fiber, Local area network Pages: 3 (1097 words) Published: October 29, 2011
Starwood Hotel and Resorts Call Center Networking
Starwood Hotels and resorts is one of the world’s largest hotel and leisure companies. The company owns thousands of Hotels and Resorts as well as seven call centers in which help keep everything running smoothly for the company. Of course this means there is an expansive network working to keep all this information flowing from every hotel and call center. This paper will focus on the network of the call center in Lancaster, California in which I used to work at as a customer service representative. First the paper will give an overview of the company. Then, a depiction of the network that is being used by the call center will be explained. The Lancaster call center consisted of over 200 cubicles with a computer and a phone line in which connects to their main servers in the back of the building. Also there were QA offices in the back in which monitored random customer service representatives in order to maintain quality control and ensure that all representatives were following the guidelines given to them. The call center offered a separate training room in which also had its own software in which did not disrupt the live calls flowing through the center. I had to break down each section of the call center in order to get a full idea of how everything is connected in the network. First I will discuss the training area; there are about 50 computers in the training area in which are all connected to each other through a Local Area Network (LAN). Also a main computer upfront in which can monitor how well the trainees are picking up on the training software through tests given to the trainees. The computers also have intranet access in which you can look up anything having to do with Starwood or any of its affiliates. There is no live material in which you look at in the training room. So I would think that the training room may be sectioned off completely on its own LAN with its own server from the live...
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