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A New Beginning
April 1, 2013
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A New Beginning
Planning a new project is no small feat. It takes plenty of time and much effort to begin planning something for the community. There is one neighborhood in the Albuquerque, New Mexico, area that is void of any place for children to play safely. This project is to help in that respect and give the children an area where they can play without worrying about getting hurt. The area set aside for the new playground will place it in the center of the community. The area is full of weeds and underbrush and needs much care before building the playground can begin. The area is also full of old junk items people have thrown there over the years. This report supplies the information and the steps to take in the planning process, to get the area cleaned up and ready for children. Planning It Out

The first step for any project is to assess the community's needs. The need in this project is to clean up the area for a safe place to build a playground for children. The next step is to plan a successful project, by gathering resources and information about the clean up. It is important to line up resources for the project, such as any tools or machinery that the people need to complete the job. The planners will need to check local zoning laws to ensure it is legal for them to build the park in the area. Someone will need to write a grant proposal to receive funding for the project, and assemble a group of people who will help in the clean up and building of the new park. The next step is to act out the plans and set them in motion. The final stage is to nurture, monitor, and evaluate the project to ensure the area remains safe for children to play, free of trash, and free of weeds and stickers. The Details

Coming up with an idea is just the beginning stages of developing. Once the idea is in mind, the opportunity is the next piece to obtain. In this case the opportunity is the...
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