Starting School Early

Topics: High school, College, Middle school Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: March 9, 2011
The article I read is about the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). The topic of the article deals with having students get an earlier start in the school year, and ending early. This would affect all levels of students; like elementary, middle, and high school aged. The main purpose of changing the entrance and exit of a school year is, because schools want better test scores.

Schools would start fifteen days before the regular school year, which would be in August instead of September. By starting the school system earlier, students would be able to take first-semester exams before their winter vacation. The school board believes this would be an advantage to student who are in high school, because they would be able to take the High School Exit Exam and Advanced Placement exams after teachers got a chance to teach more of the material. They also believe that they would be more prepared to take test which would then lead them to score higher. They also mentioned in the article that starting school earlier has nothing to do with wanting to improve in reading and math.

According to Howard Blume, another benefit for students in high school is that they would get an earlier start in searching for summer jobs (2010). The school district wants to change all three levels of schooling because they do not want parents that have more than one child to juggle different schedules. The new calendar would create a better school year (Blume 2010). Some parents do not agree with changing the calendar, because it will give them three weeks less of vacation time.

I see that there can be advantages and disadvantages in changing the school year. I feel that the ones who will benefit more from this are students that are in high-school, not so much students in elementary and middle-schools. It benefits students in high-school, because I think their test scores matter more than other students. By taking the exit-exam later on in the school year it will help students,...
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