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Topics: Culture, Sociology, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: March 14, 2013
There are many aspects to my identity that have to be analyzed and described in order to classify who I am and what I stand for. My social upbringings, values, cultural practices, and worldviews all have had large impacts on me and how I classify myself religiously, racially, ethnically, gender based, and social groups I surround myself with. Throughout time, my identity has evolved and expanded for the better. I am becoming a better man everyday. Factors like family, school, and my everyday small choices determine how my identity has developed and continues to develop now. The more I become aware of the truths and realities around me the more I become a more determined and stronger individual. However, with these truths and realities, I realize the challenges like stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, and racism that continue to play a role in our intercultural communication contexts. Based on my experiences and reflections at the end of my day I have realized there are many ways to cultivate cultural sensitivity, empathy, understanding and competency within my everyday interactions. This essay will attempt to capture my identity based on how I classify myself, how my identity has evolved over time, aspects that challenge my identity, and ways I can cultivate peace in my interactions and communications with different cultures everyday. There are many aspects of my identity that have been impacted by my upbringing. Growing up in a single family household as the oldest brother of two sisters, I had a lot of responsibilities to manage at a young age. However, one of my strongest family values I was taught was similar to the ancient Confucian teaching that family and friends always come first. Therefore I had a constant environment of sharing everything with family. Living in this collectivist environment helped shape my belief that humans should be close both in proximity and in sharing whatever we have with the needy. Through my mother and close knit family, I...
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