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Brand Analysis

What is a brand?
A brand is often mistaken as a variety of different things and it’s important to understand its ambiguous nature. A brand is not simply the logo, nor the visual identity. A brand is not the product, the slogan or the advertising campaign. A brand is not even controlled by the company behind it. Rather a brand is a collection of perceptions that reside in the mind of the customer. It is the gut feeling a customer has about you.

While you may not have direct control over your brand, you most certainly are its steward. Every interaction the customer has with you influences their perceptions. The product experience, customer service, slogans, ads, and even product manuals all contribute to the customer perception of your company or product. Your job is to cultivate, guard, and maintain a strong brand – the rewards of which are consistently loyal customers and a continual increase in customer preference.

What makes a good brand?
A good brand communicates a clear message about what it stands for and how it differs from competitors. It stems from your product positioning and customers understand and internalize the brand through its consistent use. Each touch point within your customers’ experience should seek to reinforce this same message.

With a well-crafted strategy, a good brand begins to look more like a belief system than anything else. It takes on a vibrant life of its own, and customers will stand behind the brand, adopting its claims and evangelizing it to others. Major national brands know this and use it to great effect. Coke has us believing it is ‘The real thing’ and no other poor excuse for a cola will do. BMW owners believe they have the ‘Ultimate driving machine’, rather than just an ordinary, stuffy luxury car. These brand promises have grown beyond mere slogans, evolving into living mantras for the company and their believers.

Purpose of this Questionnaire
This analysis is designed to help us understand your current brand and the context surrounding it. This process may reveal a strong and vibrant brand – or it may illuminate missing areas and lack of focus. If the latter is the case, it opens the door for discussion on these points and will help you gain a razor sharp vision of what your brand represents.

Your Company Background & Culture

How did the brand or company start? Has it evolved from the initial vision? Understanding how a brand started can be an important aspect to its story. Where did it come from? Who was behind it? Has it changed or evolved?

Our Company is based on my middle name Yuli Triana Usman, whereby we gain our footsteps from being a small cornered tailor until I acquired the the skills at Esmod fashion school as a fashion designer. We came from a humble family of three girls and a strict parentage from both of our parents. I was the one who started the design and tailoring business with the help family members and close friends.

The business support was good and business has its ups and downs. We have gone through few fruitful partnerships and after taking a short period of break from the business which we intend to regain momentum as well moving towards the new high lights rather than the traditional wedding, family and corporate event.

Where is the brand going? What is the 5-year vision for the company and its products? The future vision of a company is vital to understanding a brand. Where a company is going is the basis of how it should position itself now. Note: Avoid general statements such as the ‘global leader’, instead define specifics ways in which it will lead and how.

* We are expanding our made to order batiks, and developing our couture and accessories product line to the next level. We are aiming to be one of the well-known online tailor & designer for wholesalers within the region. We have sending our products to neighboring countries and Germany for the past 1 year. * With capital...
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