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Topics: Wal-Mart, Sam Walton, Walmart Neighborhood Market Pages: 11 (3515 words) Published: October 28, 2011
1. What do you think of the cities plan ?

I believe it’s a good plan initially. In looking at the co-location of the City of Dallas and Kroeger plan. There, the City of Dallas has sufficient development moneys, no fiscal constraints. Grandtown however HAS fiscal constraints that have prevented them from renovating their existing library for years. Where is this money to build a modern new 9,000 square foot library coming from ? Perhaps they should review their existing financial situation, and come up with a financial plan that rehabilitates their existing building which will maintain the ‘publicness’ of the existing Grandtown location ?

What are the advantages and disadvantages to the co-location ?

* Replace the old 6,500 sq.ft. facility w/modern 9,000 sq.ft. facility * Library to occupy one corner of the building, co-locating with Wallmart * The property will be owned jointly by the City and Wallmart * Wallmart will design and construct the library. The corporation will complete the site planning, conduct environmental testing, install lighting, and landscape the property. * The City will approve Walmart’s zoning applications, which are currently the subject of much controversy. As is the case with many Walmart stores, the local residents are not all convinced that having a Walmart is in their best interest. * A committee appointed by the City Council will work with the library staff and Walmart’s architects designs for the modern facility. The design will meet or exceed City requirements for approved building materials, disability access, and other specicications required by various ordinance and codes.

* Walmart will hire the construction crew and oversee the workmanship. * Once the library and store are constructed Walmart will designate a small area within its store to issue library cards.

* The library will designate a children’s area and maintain qualified staff to watch children while their parents shop (hmm) From Walmart’s perspective the plan will draw more customers. From the City’s perspective, more children will be exposed to reading.

* New building cost….does this millage require a vote ? Where is money coming from? Aren’t there better investment opportunities for Grandtown to invest in, and become more ‘liquid’ or self sufficient…to make an investment like this in the future ? * ¼ of new building…no growth (size) possible as their readership/use increases ? * REIT taxes (elaborate) gained from Wallmart possibly not shared, also different goals, use, function, employees. Energy Tax Credits (article) a ‘public’ issue & problem. Operating Under the same roof with a business that does not have a good public record (taxes, media) have a negative effect on a Public Library ? (Changes in the future for Walmart are not good for a Public Organization.

* How will differences in zoning/specifications/use/objectives be resolved in design (as Walmart has ¾ use, Library ¼ ? Quorum established? Walmart is on record for not applying for building permits ? (elaborate)

* Expansion of Library due to increase use (traffic from Walmart) not included. Also, data shows local competitive small business in Grantown will dimish by 3% per year, and in ten years, dimish by 37%. This destruction of local commerce will change the library’s viability and success immeasurably. What happens when the library can no longer pay it’s share of rent/lease payments?

* Walmart to begin issuing/collecting library fines and handling book withdrawl is not within normal library policy. (5 laws of Library Science (1931) Aren’t these over due funds used in a way to achieve library’s ‘goals’ as a public organization goal financially ? Arlso, a non-profit Board of Trustees, entrusted with the care of then organization, and is accountable TO THE PUBLIC, not the private interests of share holders? Board: maximize public, not private welfare. Serve...
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