Start Building Your Own Personal Philosophy by Reflecting on Your Image of the Early Childhood Professional. Describe in 100 Words or Less How You Imagine an Early Child Hood Teacher and Early Childhood Education to Be.

Topics: Childhood, Education, Child Pages: 1 (423 words) Published: November 11, 2010
The aboriginal childhood domain, one that is dominated by women. These women are taking up positions as educators for children who are like blossoming buds, waiting at nourishment to bloom and display glory and pride, their colourful petals. To acheive a garden of blooms the early childhood educator must be a honest reflecter; on her self and her ward. As a woman she plays different roles in her life: an affectionate mother, a devoted wife, a filial daughter, an empathetic sister and at times an emotional little dame yearning reassurance and security herself. When she steps into her classroom a professional early childhood educator would forsake all these roles whole hearted outside and take up the role of a different nature – an observant teacher. One who observes the children, the classroom and herself. She must be able to observe her students holistically inorder to cater the best to them. She needs to be a patient person. Dealing with ‘little people’, sharing new experiences with them, helping them master new skills can be taxing for both child and teacher. But the one who stays patient and eases the child’s progress makes her special. It also creates a bond between them. A balance in all classroom activities are necessary. Work and play go hand in hand. The early childhood educator should know where to draw the line to create a fun filled yet knowledgeable classroom experience. All activities should be aimed at building up a child’s knowledge. Freedom of speech should be granted to the child. A teacher to be a directress at times when discussions are not taking a turn to desired outcome. No child should be made to feel special in any way. All children are special. All of them deserve the same attention and love. Children should never be discriminated by their race, ethnic, gender, status and behavioral issues. A classroom’s main fixture is not the furniture or equipment. I believe its the teacher that makes the classroom. A ‘silent’ teacher influence the...
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