Start Ahead and Stay Ahead

Topics: Team, Thought, Human Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Example Essay(Start Ahead and Stay Ahead)

Ideality, is the main theme of life today, thanks to the development of humans’ thinking, technology and economics, many have had the chance to graduate as a degree or masters holder. Competitiveness in “hunting” for an ideal job is therefore inevitable. In order to be somebody in the future, I’ve realized the importance of standing at the frontline, to “start ahead and stay ahead”. No doubt, this dictum had been a source of motivation, pushing me forward in life.

Competition, now and the future, is unavoidable in every aspect of life. As a student, I’ve enrolled myself actively in various activities, many challenges followed by competition was thrown into my way. As a diabolo team leader, I am to compete with other teams in Batu Pahat in order to be the best team in Batu Pahat. In order to stay ahead, I’ve always started ahead with my fellow team members, in order to perfect our performance, at the same time picking up new skills. Training alone is not sufficient to be a trend leader, but learning something more and applying it, will secure a place for us to take the lead.

In order to “stay ahead”, we have to be sensible towards the demands of the future. I have come to develop an interest in the field of biotechnology, and would like to take up the challenges in pursuing a career in this field. Reason being, I feel that this particular field of science, is still developing, much more are to be discovered and revealed, and the demand for such technology would soon rocket up. Thus, I am very sure that this field can provide me an opportunity to start ahead, as it is still not a very popular choice of career for Malaysians. As Malaysians, we are often brought up with rather conservative thinking, that a career is only mean of feeding. However, I strongly think that in order for us to move forward, such thought have to be dismissed and new elements have to be breath into our lives. Therefore, here...
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