Starlight: the Beautiful Boy and Shaggy Brown Hair

Topics: The Beautiful Boy, All Good Things..., Thing Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: March 21, 2013

By: Keanna Rabitoy

The second I heard what had finally happened, I was still as ston. The world froze around me. Not a sound from anyone in the room. My heart had stopped beating. What was I to do with four months left to make every dream I ever had come true? I have to sit and watch my future Die along with me and all of my memory. My name is Sienna Burke, Im seventeen years old living in New York. Today Wednesday June 11th 1949. I found out I have 4 months to live until the disease goes to my brain.

I told my mother I wanted to go to Georgia for the summer, so I can live with my aunt Leslie. I don’t want to be around family and friends knowing a year from now I will sease to exist, along with my memory, I got my train ticket the following day I found out, Cancer, was going to be my killer. Theres nothing harder than leaving everything that means anything to you, but I guess I don’t want them to see my pain, and what would make it worse is seeing theirs.

I arrived at 7pm It was right before dinner, Leslie hugged me so tight I could feel the veins popping out of my eyes. “I haven’t seen you since you were a toddler! Look at what a women you’ve become!” She screeched. She had no idea of why I was there, or why I was slowly dying. Not a clue, in her mind. Yet the curiosity must linger about my random appearance on her doorstep. I had given her the note mother wanted me to give her. She read it and smiled. She invited me in and we ate dinner like a family. Something I had never experienced much at home. Father was always away at work, and mother was off with friends at fine winery’s and fancy restaurants. I was at home with my two brothers and Nanny Marie. I guess I’m okay with being away from them, all of them, but it still pains me to see them alone. Especially my brothers.

This is something you never imagine would happen to you. Never, would I have expected this.

I went to bed with a million things on my mind, how am I going to spend...
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