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From the beginning, Stargirl is a fish out of water. She's the new girl at school, and that means she has a tough crowd to please. She was home schooled until now and she started school because she wanted to make friends, but she had a very odd way of because she ended up making the whole school mad at her. She is a girl with sand colored hair and freckles. She looked quite ordinary but she most defiantly did not act that way. She is a girl who absolutely cannot be boxed in, pigeonholed, or tied up with a pretty little bow. She's a free spirit, a "rare bird" (according to Archie), and she defies definition in every sense of the word. 

She doesn't quite understand all the unwritten rules that Mica's high school has, so she goes right along, doing her own thing. By doing her own thing, I mean singing "Happy Birthday" to strangers, cheering people for picking up litter, laughing when there is no joke, dancing when there is no music, and even draping blue and yellow ruffled curtains around her desk. Stargirl does all of these things and a whole lot more, because she is either unaware of these unwritten rules, or she simply doesn't care to follow them. Stargirl is a total rebel, even if she doesn't intend to be. She does things her own way, and most of the time, she doesn't seem all that concerned about whether or not people think she's strange. This caused others to make weird assumptions about here like the fact that she was sniffing fumes or she was living in a ghost town in the desert or she lived on a bus. But none of these assumptions were true.

Stargirl also doesn't seem worried about the fact that she doesn't have many friends. When Leo tries to talk to her about the fact that everyone in school has shunned her, she explains that the fact that he and Dori talk to her is enough. To Stargirl, it is much more important to have a few good, close friends than to be popular. Stargirl faces one significant choice in the novel: should she try to fit...
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