Starfish Thrower

Topics: Leadership, Differences, Ayala Corporation Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: March 2, 2013
starting to make a difference, A starfish thrower way.

“Marry your crush” – The most quoted speech of all, I guess, during the AYLC 2013. It’s like choosing to pursue and being engaged to a course of action that you really love to do and which you can live with everyday. With this motivation, one can achieve real efficiency and extreme tirelessness. This was the most of all the loads of positive vibes, realizations, thoughts and feelings that the 15th Ayala Young Leaders Congress 2013 has directed me. Being part of the finest youth leaders in the Philippines couldn't get any more awesome especially when you all get to gather in the spirit of humility while you recognize one another's strengths and weaknesses. I am glad I have these people whom I can count on in forwarding my endeavors and the whole society's interest. With just 4 days in time, I’ve had 80 soulful people who haven't only become my acquaintances, but also another family from all parts of the country.

At first, I wasn’t that confident applying for AYLC, though it was really my dream. I just thought that my life then was already complete; I am doing well with all the aspects of my life and making quite difference to the society on what I am currently doing. So I’ve concluded that I no longer need such or anything that will contribute to my completeness. But then again, life is a continuous learning process, so I’ve decided to go on for my application and luckily I passed the 2nd phase of the search, the interview. 5 days before the interview, I got dengue. I was in total hotness, literally. My mom and I were arguing if I’m still going to Makati with all my rashes and dengue syndrome, but I chose to pursue. “HELLO? AYLC ni, papalampason ko pa?” So I’ve got in to the interview and experienced being screened by the top caliber senior executives of Ayala Corp which I wasn’t really confident with. After my not-so-good interview, there was this feeling in me that I am not going to make it to the...
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