Starbucks Structure

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Starbucks’ Structure
What would we do without Starbucks? Whether it’s your regular morning cup or you just need a quick pick me up, Starbucks are everywhere and their staff are always there to brew you a cup with while providing friendly customer service. While the baristas will be your main point of contact when requesting your drinks, there is also the job of Shift Manager who makes drinks as well, but their primary duties include managing and maintaining the store.

To better understand the duties and responsibilities of the Shift Manager, I will give a detailed description of what their duties and responsibilities include. The key primary responsibility of the Shift Manager is to ensure that the Customer feels welcomed and connected when they set foot in the store. This is where customers usually make their first impressions of the services being provided.

The Shift Manager will ensure that the Customers needs are being met and helps suggest coffee drinks, pastries, or other beverages. While Starbucks are on every corner it seems, there are some people who may have never been to Starbucks and may not know how to order their drink, this is where the manager step in and assists the customer. He or she might show a customer how the coffee is brewed using their brewing equipment and let the customer sample the product.

The Shift Manager responds to all customer incidents. Starbucks has incorporated the "Just Say Yes" policy and it’s the responsibility of the Shift Manager to enforce this policy. Should a customer not be satisfied with a product and it is the responsibility of the manager to get the product right by making them another beverage, etc. Shift Managers are expected to prepare beverages to standard. They also must ensure that health, safety, and sanitation guidelines are being followed. The Shift Manager is not only responsible for ensuring that he or she is following health, safety, and sanitation guidelines but that...
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