Starbucks Strategy: Blonde is Beautiful

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Heather SNHU

Starbucks is a strong, ethical company with stores in nearly every corner of the world. They have eighteen- thousand stores in approximately sixty countries (Starbucks Coffee Company, 2012). Starbucks continues to strive to reach more people by creating new products such as Blonde Roast coffee, introduced in the “Blonde is Beautiful” commercial. In this commercial, a Starbucks employee discusses how the new light and citrusy flavor of this coffee will help connect to customers they have been missing. During the employee’s monologue, there are scenes where Blonde Roast coffee is being served to a line of customers. This paper will address how Starbucks utilized SWOT analysis, targeted marketing, and marketing strategies to create the “Blonde is Beautiful” commercial.

SWOT Analysis for Starbucks
A SWOT analysis is composed of both internal factors: strengths and weaknesses, and external factors: opportunities and threats, to achieve successful marketing. At the beginning of the “Blond is Beautiful” commercial, the viewer can clearly see the Starbucks Logo for several seconds. The logo is well recognized throughout the world. Brand recognition is one of Starbucks’ greatest strengths. Atmosphere is also one of Starbucks’ strengths. When viewing the commercial, one can easily see that the store is busy. This is because the stores are strategically placed in busy urban environments, and offer the incentive of relaxation and WIFI (10 News, 2012). This commercial offers Blonde Roast as an opportunity to appeal to new customers who do not prefer the bold flavor of Starbucks coffee, thus broadening their potential market share. It also demonstrates that Starbucks acknowledged this as a weakness, by saying “the coffee we have been missing, for the people we have been missing”. Starbucks realized there was an opportunity to capitalize on the threats of competitors, by creating this new product. However, the threat of less expensive coffee offered by...
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