Starbucks: Organizational Culture

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  • Published: March 8, 2007
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Organizational Culture
When people think of the most popular coffee house in the country and world, they immediately think of Starbucks. That's because it's true, but what most people don't know is that Starbucks is also ranked #1 on the Most Admired Food Services Companies to work for (America's most admired companies 2007, 2007), and # 16 Best Companies to work for (Best companies to work for 2007, 2007). It also ranked # 2 Most Admired Companies to work for over all, # 6 for Best People management, # 7 for Best Social responsibility, and # 10 for Best Innovation (America's most admired companies 2007, 2007). These are incredible numbers, which is why I choose Starbuck's as the most culturally appealing company that I would like to work for.

After researching this company I've realized that I truly would love to work for it. I find its cultural values very appealing and feel that they are exactly what interest me when working for a company. First of all, Starbucks is very a committed company, whether it is toward its products, its customers, or its employees. Starbucks is willing to go out on a limb to please its customers and prides itself in its creativity and originality. The founders of Starbucks also began a tradition of teamwork, maintaining a fun work environment, and offering its customers quick and enjoyable service. Starbuck has also worked hard to increase employee performance and retention by offering comprehensive benefits, offering enticing incentives, and inspiring enthusiasm. Starbuck believes that in order to create happy customers it must hire the right people. "This meant having store employees who were knowledgeable about the company's products, who paid attention to detail, who eagerly communicated the company's passion for

Starbucks: A Leading3
coffee, and who had the skills and personality to deliver consistently pleasing customer service" (Gamble. & Thompson, n.d., Starbucks corporation, ¶ 15).
By reading Starbucks' Corporate Social Responsibility Report I have found that I share many of the same values as this company. These values include respectful working environments, environmental awareness, humane treatment of workers, and benefits for workers. Starbuck's mission is to not only offer premium quality coffee and excellent customer service, but it is also devoted to providing quality service to its employees. Starbucks works hard to create an excellent work atmosphere, ensuring that employees treat one another with deference, and respect diversity. Starbucks also shows how much it cares about society by making over 30 million in charitable contributions and volunteering over 290,000 hours (Corporate social responsibility / fiscal 2006 annual report, 2007). There are thousands of people who work for this company as farmers and suppliers who are located all over the world. Starbucks makes certain to follow international child labor laws, provide humane and safe working conditions, and honors minimum wage requirements. Starbucks is also deeply focused on being environmentally vigilant. Starbucks practices energy and water conservation, uses renewable energy, and uses recyclable materials. Starbucks also provides excellent benefits. "The components may include competitive base pay, bonuses, comprehensive health coverage, income protection, vacation, stock options, a savings program, adoption benefits, tuition reimbursement and partner perks, including a discount on merchandise in our stores" (Corporate social responsibility / fiscal 2006 annual report , 2007, Abridged Report, pg 23).

The most appealing cultural value that Starbucks has upheld since its beginning in 1971 is its innovation and risk taking. Everything about this company has been about finding new and
Starbucks: A Leading4
improved ways to bring out the best taste and quality from its coffee. Later when the company was bought by its present owner and CEO Howard Schultz, he brought the...
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