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From only one store more than 30 years ago in Seattle to its still growing empire today with thousands of outlets in the United States and in foreign countries, the Starbucks Coffee Company is no doubt a well-known success story all over the world. 

The fact that it started as a small business enterprise that was able to continuously multiply over the years can be a huge motivation for small businesses anywhere in the world. Many business schools have studied the Starbucks marketing strategy and the business, itself, and have tried to detail why such techniques have worked for this company.

Many points can be attributed to the success of this innovative company from the holistically slanted Starbucks Mission Statement to the environmentally conscious Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility statement. But one thing is certain, if Starbucks comes up with a new viral marketing campaign - others companies should start taking notes. The Starbucks Mission Statement:

Today, Starbucks Coffee Company has outlined two mission statements; one for the company and one that defines their commitment to the environment:

 “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time” – Starbucks Coffee

 “Starbucks is committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of our business.” – Starbucks Environmental Mission Statement

 Uniquely Starbucks Coffee Company

 The Starbucks marketing strategy is not one commonly seen in many businesses today. Did you ever realize that it’s rare (if not none) for you to find a Starbucks ad in a billboard, ad space, newspaper or poster in places where you can expect to see advertisements for most other establishments, even huge ones like McDonalds?

Now, Starbucks Coffee Company didn’t just go for unconventional marketing strategies for the fun of it. They thought real hard about promoting their company, and have decided that Starbucks is more...
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