Starbucks Marketing Mix

Topics: Consumer price index, Coffee culture, Median Pages: 12 (2750 words) Published: November 28, 2007
Assignment No.1(Individual)

Capital University of Economics and Business
BTEC center

Unit Name: Quantitative Techniques for Business
Unit Code: 20746P
Unit level: H1
Unit Tutor: Lili Kang
Student Name: Lan Ma
Date of issue: Sep 3rd, 2007
Date of submission: Sep 25th, 2007


uLiterature review-----------------------------------------3 Introduction
uCompany Name £ºStarbucks Coffee-------------------3
uBackground ------------------------------------------------4 Data description
uPrimary Data-----------------------------------------------5 uSecondary Data -------------------------------------------5 uDescription ------------------------------------------------7 Result

Reason for the investigation result
--------------------------------------------------------10 Reference
------------------------------------------------------11 Questionnaire
------------------------------------------------------12 lAbstract
This paper aimed to investigate customer¡¯s reaction for Starbucks Coffee¡¯s reform. Recently, to be a company which has huge brand loyalty, Starbucks Coffee in China (SCC) held a large-scale reform to reduce the cost, rising the merchandise price. And it¡¯s object is to expand it¡¯s large scale cautiously. ( Through an investigation which visit 120customers in the ¡®¡®Starbucks Coffee of Top Electronics City ¡¯¡¯ during 3 hours. We found that this great reform didn¡¯t reduce its brand loyalty. In fact, it will get success of launching more stores in china.

²Literature review
We find the literature review from>.
¡°Cost control and better service can let customer gain more interests, increasing the satisfaction of customer, and the company can achieve more profit at last.¡±

²Company Name:
Starbucks Coffee
In 1971, Starbucks Coffee opened its first store in Seattle¡¯s Pike Place Public Market. ( To be a business which running coffee¡¯s culture and feeling, now it¡¯s launching stores throughout the world. Customers in the Starbucks Coffee can enjoy wonderful coffee and exclusive signature blends. Since then, Starbucks Coffee has been held six successful reforms. It became the coffee¡¯s pronoun and achieved the highest state of brand (Yi Xing, 2007,¡±Expansion in China of Starbucks¡±http://www.emarket.)

4.28 of this year, Starbucks Coffee in china (SCC) started a large-scale reform. Risen 15% merchandise price and changed most part of suppliers to reduce cost. (Shu ming Zhou, 2007, ¡°Starbucks Coffee¡¯s reform on 4.28¡± What¡¯s more, to be a business which treats its staff as the partner,( Terry Sincich,2006, ¡°Attract in the Starbucks Coffee¡± 96 page) SCC changed the form of calculate payment to be that the income of salesman would not link with the sales profit of store. And it would rise the scale of part-work system from 10% to 50%. The company spokesman expressed rising merchandise price was just willing to readjust price become one accord in China. (Xi Wang, 2007, ¡°Starbucks Coffee reform¡¯s on 4.28.2007¡±newspaper of ¡°The Economic Observe¡±) But some economists think large scale expansion is a reason for reducing the cost. ( Jian xing You, 1987,¡°Outline of business administration¡± 195 page) Starbucks Coffee symbolizes the identity. To be a company which sells temperament, this reform may lose SCC¡¯s well brand effect. It¡¯s a disadvantage to SCC¡¯s development in China. So we start doing a investigation to prove our surmise.

lData description
In our paper, two kinds of data appeared.
1. Primary Data
By visiting 120 customers in the ¡®¡®Starbucks Coffee of Top Electronics City ¡¯¡¯, we gain...
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