Starbucks Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign

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  • Published : March 30, 2008
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Assessment: Individual Critique of a Current IMC Campaign – Part One Due Date: Wednesday 2nd April 2008 (week 5), 2.00pm
Length: 1200 words maximum excluding Reference List
Value: 12 marks
Links to unit’s learning outcomes:
This assessment is specifically linked to learning outcome 1 and 4. Key Task:
An IMC campaign refers to a set of interrelated and coordinated marketing communications activities that centre on a single theme or idea that appear in different media across a specified time period. Identify a current IMC campaign of interest to you. Drawing on secondary data and your own marketing knowledge and insight, analyse the campaign in relation to the following issues: Who is the target audience for this particular IMC campaign? [3 marks] • You should develop a profile of the target audience based on the segmentation variables you believe would have been used to segment the market and arrive at this specific target segment. How is the brand positioned in the market relative to its main competitors? [3 marks] • You should develop a perceptual map to highlight how your chosen brand is positioned on attributes important to the target audience and relative to its major competitors. What do you believe to be the main communication objective(s) of this campaign? [3 marks] • You should refer to a response hierarchy model to discuss the behavioural response you believe is being sought from this IMC campaign.

What is the campaign theme? [3 marks]
• That is, what is the central message that is being communicated through all communications tools used in this IMC campaign to support the brand positioning and appeal to the target audience? Further Guidelines:

You should include a brief introduction to familiarise your marker with your IMC campaign choice, this should not exceed a third of a page. Please use the questions above as headings to structure the body of your assignment. The discussion under each heading should be in essay style paragraphs, the use of...
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