Starbucks in Singapore

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Abstract. Starbucks is an International Coffee shop which was initiated in 1971, which is now distributed in various parts of world with nearly 9000 branches all over the world. The Starbucks entry to Singapore was the first initiative for them to get into Asia. The marketing mix were planned and implemented in such a way that they were able to strengthen their position over the targeted market. Although the theories were followed, they had a great issue in reaching the customer because they believed in “push” method of advertising. The below essay explains about this problem in specific and also the remedies to overcome these issues. The “pull” method is one best method to follow in order to reach the targeted market.

Starbucks entry on Singapore was on December14, 1996 in the place called Lisa tower. Starbucks growth was always very much aggressive. In 2007 they opened “8” outlets and following year had extra “4” more. They were always keen in the infrastructure as that was one primary reason to have good business. Starbucks went to the next level by introducing free Wi-Fi to the customers who came in for a coffee. The concentration of Starbucks always lied on the center part of Singapore. They managed to have 13 outlets in orchard, because it was highly none for its shopping. The outlets that are present in Bugis village and One Fullerton is said to have reserved seats, so that it was reserved and used by people for their business meetings.

THE “7 P”s OF Starbucks:- The 5P is a significant factor that is needed in today’s firms. They describe the product that is needed to be manufactures, people we need to target, place where it should be positioned, price that is to be fixed and promotion that is very much required in making a product a successful one, process of making a best product, to prove that we are best we need to have some physical evidence. Each P is explained in the following essay on particular time under particular sub-headings.

Product and Process of Starbucks:-
Product of Starbucks: - The product mixes, that is the core products that are sold in Starbucks are as following. Coffee
Fresh food
Ready to drinks
Starbucks ice cream.
The above are the product mixes of Starbucks. While we go ahead and explore on each product, we get an idea of Product lines. Product line: - The product line of Starbucks is nothing but the classification of each product mix. Coffee: There are more than 30 varieties of coffee served here and one special among them is the “Arabica “coffees. The other classifications are Seattle’s best coffee. Tea: Tazo tea filter bags and tea latte concentrates are some types that are sold here. Merchandise: Coffee and tea making instruments, mugs, and other accessories.
Fresh Foods: They have also grown to the next level to sell some fresh foods like pastries, salads, oat meals, yogurt parfaits, and some cups containing fruits in it, breakfast and sandwiches. RtD: Ready to drink , knowing the urgency of the customers in today’s world , they also started preparing some readymade drinks like, chilled coffees, some energy drinks along with coffee. Starbucks ice cream: Even in the ice cream they have a mix of coffee flavors’ and also coffee free flavors (Starbucks Company profile, 2011).

The above recipes are served in common in all stores. Apart from this it has some diverse products concentrated in specific on certain places. Example: In Asia they serve spicy curry puffs. These are some added advantages in market. Starbucks serves its customers the best in cafe along with the feel of modernity and comfort environment, which makes to have repeated customers. People and Places targeted by Starbucks:-

MARKET SITUATION: - Marketing is defined as the wide generation and...
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