Starbucks History

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In the beginning of any company that has become important, there is always a legend behind it; the origin of coffee is not an exception. The legend is that a goat herder called Kaldi saw that his animals were jumping around and being far more energetic than usual after eating some berries from a near by bush, he decided to eat some of the fruit himself and found that they opened his tired eyes and gave him renewed vigour.  What seems certain is that coffee plants are native to ancient Ethiopia. From Ethiopia went to Arabia and India, probably via Muslim pilgrims traveling to Mecca as pilgrimage routes were at the same time, for centuries, great trade routes. But the great propagators of coffee were the Dutch, who exploited large plantations of it in their colonies of Ceylon and Indonesia. They were importers of coffee and those who acclimatized in the botanical gardens in Amsterdam, Paris and London, from where he moved to Dutch Guiana, Brazil, Central America and many other countries. In fact, Coffee reached France through the port of Marseille in 1660 and the first coffee shop in Paris was installed in 1976 by Pascal Armeniano at the Saint German avenue. It’s important to remark that today, coffee is one of the most popular beverages, with more than $80 billion in retail sales worldwide. Story of starbucks

The history of Starbucks starts in Seattle in 1971. Three friends, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker, who all had a passion for fresh coffee, opened a small shop and began selling fresh-roasted, gourmet coffee beans and brewing and roasting accessories. The company did well, but things began to change in the 80s.  Starbucks began to expand when Howard Schultz took it over in 1987. His plan was to re-create the Italian espresso bar experience in America by making a personal relationship between consumers and coffee. In 1982 Baldwin hired Schultz as the new head of marketing and shortly thereafter sent him to Milan to attend an international...
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